Top Online Reputation Management: How to Do It

You should never underestimate the negative effects that a bad online reputation can have on your company. It could lead to potential losses in sales, bad image on mainstream media and difficulty in hiring ability until the damage is removed. Potential clients searching for services or products from your company will shy away from shopping from you if all they get from search engines when they type a keyword about you is negative. To avoid such cases, you need to adopt top online reputation management. This can effectively be done by using the following strategies:

Create a brand
Nobody will create a positive brand for you unless you do so. Online branding is important so as to help differentiate you from other companies that might have a name similar to yours. Positive branding is done by regular use of social media and consistent blogging.

Think outside the box
You need to think outside the box by diversifying what you do. You could for example encourage your to post videos and blogs showing what they are doing with your products. You could also sponsor events and invite the local press to air the event and write about it online. This way, search engines about you will be filled with positive content.

Respond to clients online
If you manage an online social media account, ensure that you respond promptly to clients’ questions and be as professional as possible in the live chats that clients may start with you. This way, you reduce any negative feelings that they might have about you.

Remove negative Publications
In case you are able to remove all the negative online publications about you, promptly do so or arrange to have the content removed so that clients who might not have seen the content do not get a negative image about you once they see the content.

Hire an online Reputation Management Professional
In case you do not have a top online reputation management professional, it is high time you do so. This professional will be dedicated in ensuring that your online image is not tarnished and any negative content about you is tackled with positive, professional PR.

Own your SERP(Search Engine Results Page)

Do not rely on the search engines result page to see the online content about your company, more could have been said that is not being displayed. With a SERP however, you are able to see what has been posted about you and you will be in a good position to tackle negative publications so as to have top online reputation management.

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